Tokyo Food

When we went to Tokyo in February there was two restaurants that we particularly enjoyed. Well one of them was actual a food stand, but who’s counting.

King Kebab is in Akihabara, and they sell kebab pita sandwiches. Middle Eastern food being kind of a hard to find item in Japan (especially Sendai), this was quite a treat. It was incredibly delicious! Next time I go back to Tokyo, I’m going straight back here first. The other place we went to was the Court Lodge.

They serve Sri Lankan food. It’s similar to Indian food, but also quite different. Using very different spices, the curries tend to have a very unique flavor when compared to Indian curries. Sri Lankan curries are also quite spicy too.  If you’re in Shinjuku, and want some good food, I highly recommend it.



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2 responses to “Tokyo Food

  1. Kebab pita sandwiches seems to be popular in Tokyo .. I think there are several in Akihabara (just had one today!). They just opened one in Roppongi and I noticed more of this type of food in festivals.

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