Is This Safe?

Inspired slightly by fellow blogger Sixmats recent picture posts of Japan’s abundance of wires, I decided to do one too. I actually took this picture back in February when the wife and I took a weekend trip to Tokyo (which I haven’t even done any posts about. Yes, I’m lazy I know).

It seems to be all too common in Japan to have a multitude of wires crisscrossing the sky. My personal believe is this is due to earthquakes, and being unable to bury the lines due to the high chance of breaking (This is only my theory and could be completely wrong). This pic was taken in Nakano by the way. Our reason for being there was the super quirky Nakano Broadway shopping mall.

It an old mall that has been completely taken over by nerds. Imagine the strangeness of maid cafes and anime shops times a million put into a quiet Tokyo neighbourhood. You literally can see the strangest stuff here. I recommend it for anyone visiting Tokyo. Think of it not as a bunch of weird shops, but as a museum of Japanese nerd culture. There’s so much stuff it almost seems never-ending! Unfortunately there are no photos permitted inside, so this shot of the front will have to do.



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8 responses to “Is This Safe?

  1. gatchaman

    Ah yes i have been 4 times to japan and been to nakano.
    I loved the place just to look at people if you know what i mean.
    As a collector of phonecards with anime print on it i can remember a store with all kinds.
    4 floors or 3 cant remember but it was fun.
    I also remember a small shitty arcade there with the cheapest machines in tokyo -)

  2. I have heard before that the reason the electrical wires in Japan are strung overhead is because of the frequency of earthquakes here makes underground wires impractical.

    And Nakano is a fun area of Tokyo.
    Not only “Nakano Broadway”, but Nakano has the famous “Nakako Sun Plaza” (from which the singer “Sun-plaza Nakano (kun)) got his stage name).

    Shinjuku is close to Nakano, so I’m sure you visited there while you were in Tokyo…

  3. Doesn’t look safe … I’ll have to remember and take a picture of overhead wires myself and post on my blog (let’s start a new trend).

    Never been to Nakano, so I’ll have check this out one of these days (if I remember, the problem is I am getting to old to remember anything these days – definitely need a memory upgrade).

  4. I don’t think it’s safe.

    I’ve also heard the earthquake theory. But I talked to an NTT guy once, and he said that the volcanic soil is acidic and would corrode the wires. He then said it’s much cheaper to put them overhead.

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