Here’s the promised photos of my telescope setup. It a Vixen A70LF. Vixen is a Japanese brand famous for their high quality mounts (tripods).

For taking pictures I have a special adjustable bracket.

It can fit many cameras, and can also swing to the side if you want to look in the eyepiece.

I also have a moon filter to cut down on the brightness of the moon. Sometimes it can be blinding to look at it.

I’m using my extremely old Canon Powershot S30. Unfortunately my G10 lens is a bit big for the eyepieces I have now. This does make it extremely difficult to focus my pictures properly due to the tiny 1.5 inch screen. It’s also only 3 megapixels, which is a tiny photo size by today’s standards. I want to get a new cheap camera to use with my telescope. Something with a bigger screen at the back. Anyways here’s some photos I took of the full moon the other night.



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8 responses to “Telescope

  1. Ku Ri Su

    Pretty sweet setup.

  2. If I were living somewhere else, I would rush out and get one. My apartment isn’t in a very good location for this.

  3. Great moon shots by the way.

  4. Jeff

    Hey, that’s a cool hobby. Can you get photos of other things, or just the moon?

    • I can get pictures of other stuff, but it’s really hard compared to the moon. I plan to get some shots of Jupiter a little later this summer.

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