Time Spent

This is the reason I haven’t done a post in a little over a week…

Yes, I have been caught by Pokemon. Already spending a copious amount of time on it already.

Eighteen hours in one week! Even I think that’s a lot. Oh well, gotta catch ’em all!



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21 responses to “Time Spent

  1. Ku Ri Su

    And another one bites the dust.

    I am still trying to finish FFIV on the DS. I can make it to the final boss but he blows me away. I need to check out the trick to beating him. Problem is I think I am missing a bunch of items that would make it much easier.

    • I hope you don’t have to grind a bunch. I sucks to have to do that at the end of the game. What’s your next game after FFIV?

      • Ku Ri Su

        I have been mixing in some chess. I have put down FFIV for a while and only recently came back to it. After reading some of the walk throughs it sounds like I missed a couple of things.

        Don’t have any ideas what to do next, any recommendations?

        • Shin Megami Tensai: Strange Journey, or Infinite Space are pretty good. Or you could play Pokemon. It secretly really good and fun for adults too.

  2. gatchaman

    Well did you use the pokewalker allready??

    I bought yesterday a xbox 360 with call of duty 4 and 5 its addictive.

  3. I just put about two hours in Soulsilver. It’s my first Pokemon game. At first I was a little bit confused because I was waiting for the big storyline. But now I am just collecting the mons and I really like it.

    I was thinking to pick up Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor while in Canada next month. Any thoughts on that?

    • Yeah, there’s not a huge epic story line in Pokemon, like the world ending or something. It’s more like fun adventuring at your own pace. I’ve played everyone since the first on Gameboy.

      Devil Survivor is fantastic. Do you like strategy RPGs? If you do this one is awesome!

      • I used to prefer action RPGs but now wanted to get into strategy ones. So I am thinking this one is as good as any to get get my teeth into it.

        • I think it might be pretty good starter SRPG. It’s pretty gentle at the beginning. Later on it gets hard though (like most Shin Megami Tensai games). Have you played any other SMT games? If you have it’ll be much easier to play. If not, do a little bit of research to see the weaknesses of the different demons are. If you know that then you can exploit it (which is the point of the SMT series).

          • No I haven’t played any SMT before. But I did read up about it and it looks really intriguing. Gonna give it a try if I can find it while in Canada. I haven’t tried it before but as far as I know there is no lock preventing me from playing North American games on my European DSlite?

            • Yes, don’t worry, all DS games are region free. So you should have no trouble playing any North American games. The only difference between different countries’ DS Lites are just the sticker on the bottom.

  4. Sushipiyo

    Hallo! I’m Japanese living in Sendai too!
    I liked Pokemon! …about 10 years ago. I have played just the first on gameboy. It was fun.
    I don’t know about Pokemon that are sold now, but I’m getting interested in it after reading your blog.

    • Nice to hear from a fellow Sendai resident. You should definitely give Pokemon a try again. It’s got lots of new stuff, but still feels like the old games, much like Dragon Quest.

  5. Sushipiyo

    That’s nice. I like Dragon Quest. especially DQVI. My friends and I made a music group that play game music. We played works of Pokemon and Dragon Quest. My friends like both of them very much.

  6. Sushipiyo

    Yes. Actually we have just made our band. But we are set to hold a concert next january. I will write about the band sometimes on my blog, read if you’d like(http://ameblo.jp/sushipiyo/). I hope you will come to the concert.

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