Up Close

Check out these sweet pictures I took of the moon using my telescope. It was my first time trying it, but I think they turned out OK. I had to use my very old digital camera though, because the lens on my G10 is too big. It’s kind of surprising how quickly the moon moves when you’re looking at it through a telescope. It makes framing the picture nicely quite difficult. Not bad though for pictures of something that is 384,403 km away. As always, click on the picture to get a larger view.



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13 responses to “Up Close

  1. Must be an excellent telescope! Those photos look like they were taken from in outer-space.

    • Actually it’s kind of a mid-range not too expensive telescope. Not cheap like a child’s version, but not expensive like a pro’s. I’ve been meaning to do a post about it, but I’ve been too lazy to take the photos.

  2. Yes, very nice pictures indeed. I didn’t know you can use a digital camera with a telescope to take pictures. I have a digital camera, but I don’t have a telescope so I guess that won’t work too well 🙂

  3. That’s awesome. Incredible photos.

    • I want to take more, but the night sky has been so cloudy lately. Plus I’ve been sick lately, which is preventing me from standing outside in the cold. I can’t wait for summer!

  4. Ku Ri Su

    You should take a photo of the setup. It would be cool to see the telescope and how you hooked up your digital camera

  5. This makes me want to get a telescope. I don’t really have the view for it right now, but it could be an excuse to get a different apartment.

  6. gatchaman

    must have been a clear night in japan, here it is always cloudy i would not be able to take great pics liek you did.

    • We usually get a couple clear nights a week here. Also I live out in the countryside in a town that doesn’t have a lot of lights. I can see about five times more stars than in the city.

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