California Dreaming

Here’s the last in the “Big America” series from McDonald’s. It’s called the”California” burger.The flavor is quite interesting. It’s supposed to have a fresh feeling, much like California cuisine. I have to say it does have that feeling. They put the bacon next to the hamburger patty forming a barrier for the cheese and topping which stay cool. The effect is quite good. I think it’s my second favorite in the series. Here’s my ranking now that I’ve tried them all.

  1. Texas burger
  2. California burger
  3. Hawaiian Burger
  4. New York Burger

I did enjoy all of them though. I can’t wait for the return of the Texas burger later this month.



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4 responses to “California Dreaming

  1. This one looks fresh and unctuous but I wonder whether it has the same number of preservatives as the vintage 12 month old version. (Which looked almost the same as when made!)

  2. I saw a commercial that said they’re bringing back the Texas burger for a limited time.

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