I got my copy of Final Fantasy XIII in the mail today from PlayAsia. So far I’ve played about three hours and I really like it. In fact if it holds up like this through the whole game it might end up being my favorite Final Fantasy. It’s so streamlined. Quick battles and lots of save points make it an ease to play, especially since it sometimes hard to find time to play for a couple hours. Oh, and did I mention that it’s super beautiful looking too!



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10 responses to “XIII

  1. Ku Ri Su

    Damn it, I might actually have to buy a PS3 now and get this game.

  2. gatchaman

    its also on the xbox 360

  3. Ku Ri Su

    yeah, but the XBox 360 is $129 right now until tomorrow.

  4. I’m about 13 hours in now and I absolutely love it. Read somewhere that after about 30 hours the game will open up more. I’m looking forward to that, though I really like how it is playing at the moment I wouldn’t mind getting the option of deciding who gets to play in my party.

    @ Ku Ri Su: Get the PS3 if you get it for this game. The graphics are much better on the PS3 Version.

    • I heard that eventually you do get to choose the members of your party. I do think it’s kind of good how they force you to use all of the characters. It made me realize that some of them aren’t actually as useless as I initially thought.

      Chris I have to agree with Kaba. The game was developed on PS3 as the lead platform. The 360 version was an afterthought for the american market. Beside the 360 that has a hard drive is not that different in price from the PS3. Plus online play is free on PS3.

  5. Ku Ri Su

    okay, okay,

    when I get this game it will be the PS3.

    I have too many things on the go right now to worry about it anyway. I might be able pick this baby up come the summer.


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