Vancouver 2010

Well the Vancouver Olympics finished a few days ago. I have to say it was a pretty good Olympics this time. Of course I’m biased being Canadian myself. I was really happy to see how well Canada did this time, a total of 26 medals. With 14 gold medals! That’s actually the highest ever in the Winter Olympics. The last record was 13 set by the Russians back in the 1970’s. So well done Canada. We rock!!

My only complaint was the coverage by NHK was kind of poor. They didn’t show many events, and mostly only showed the Japanese athletes (How many times do I need to see a feature on a mogul skier that only came in fourth place! Apparently around 10 times).  At least it was better than the last summer Olympics where they edited the events to only the Japanese athletes competing.



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15 responses to “Vancouver 2010

  1. The hockey game was awesome although I am depressed the US lost. It was one of the best hockey games I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of games, including going to games here in LA when Gretzky was still playing here.

  2. keith

    dude, you can stream just about any sport and tv live.

  3. Emom

    Not only did the Canadian men’s hockey team win gold, but several days before the Canadian women’s hockey team also won gold. When it comes to hockey, Canada rules! It was a outstanding team effort for both teams.

    We Canadians are very proud of all of our medal winners.

    Congratulations to all the athletes from all the countries who participated in the Olympics for their dedication and perseverence in their chosen sport – whether they won a medal or not. This is what makes the Olympics worthwhile.

  4. gatchaman

    we are a small country but i have to say us dutch did very well on the games.

  5. Joe

    Kudos to Canada on hockey they did pretty good still upset that U.S. lost.

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