The Other States

I previously reported on the super delicious “Texas” burger at McDonald’s. Well I managed to try out two others so far. The “New York” burger was only available for just over a week and only in limited quantities.

The flavor was good, but nothing really special. Just think a Quarter Pounder with Dijon mustard and Monterey Jack cheese. The burger that’s available right now is the “Hawaiian” burger.

It’s not bad as well, kind of similar to their other burgers that have egg on it. The main difference in the “Loco Moco” sauce, which to me tastes sort of like BBQ sauce. The only problem I have is when you try to bite it the egg keeps on slipping out the back, due to being covered with sauce. It makes it a pretty messy burger to eat. All that’s left to try is the “California” burger, which I think might start next week. I’ll let you know how that is when I try it.



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10 responses to “The Other States

  1. keith

    this is super good for getting fit.

  2. Dude, you got to try the tomikiri cheesburger from Mos Burger… That shit had me in a trance. They use Hokkaido cheese that literally just melts in your mouth along with some sort of teriyaki sauce, it is so good!

  3. Joe

    They both look good!!

  4. Darn it Im hungry now … Im still a BK chick ..McD always disappoints me even this year’s Prosperity Burger disappointed me …. well i cant really eat much of these fast food anymore anyway …

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