Red Cliffs

I recently got copies of the two “Red Cliff” movies on Blu-ray. I had to order them from Hong Kong, because the Japanese versions didn’t have the foresight to include English subtitles (no English-speaking people live in Japan……right?!?).

These movies are so good! It too bad the North American release is going to be edited down to one movie. What can they possibly cut out? If you want to see the real version go get these.



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22 responses to “Red Cliffs

  1. Banky

    I love this movie. This movie remind me to the three kingdoms game (Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game 1989) when I was a kid.

  2. I have been meaning to buy these movies as well. Did you get them from Play Asia? How much for both?

    I love long books (my favorite is Lord of the Rings) so I’ll have to look for Three Kingdoms at the book store on of these days.

  3. Bee

    Eric! We mailed out TWBB and the Bond Sets to you about 3 weeks ago…? So hopefully in the next couple of weeks you will have 10 more movies to enjoy – wooo! 🙂

  4. Ive been meaning to catch this movie but never ever got a chance to do so. I might get it on dvd and watch it on my own ..husband doesnt get these sort of movies heck he fell asleep at the beginning of LOTR when I made him watch it with me at home … is there actually a book based on this in English? This I got to go find it as I myself love to read long books ..they’re the best travel companions to have.

  5. keith

    Watched part 1 yesterday, so far so good.

  6. keith

    uh, yeah rental store. wait a minute, is illegal to copy something Chinese?

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