Cold New Years

Here’s a couple photos I took when we went to the nearby shrine for our New Years visit. It was actually the first and only substantial snow fall that we’ve had this year. It was also bloody cold too!

It’s hard to take a nice photo when you have hundreds of snow flakes whizzing past your lens.

Don’t worry though, all the snow disappeared a couple days later. In fact it was a balmy 14 degrees a couple days ago.



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12 responses to “Cold New Years

  1. Ian

    I can’t believe you said it was so cold. I looked it up and the coldest it has been where you live is -12 all this month and that was the low at night for one day. I thought you are Canadian. When you where in Canada you thought -30 was cold not -12. What happened are you becoming a disgrace to Canadians?

    • The difference is that when it’s 1 dergree outside, it’s also 1 degree inside. You wouldn’t understand until you live in an unheated, uninsulated house.

  2. keith

    Ian, I’m with Eric on this one, one day it was -15C in Nijmegen, and it made for some very cold cycling.

  3. Ian

    Keith there is a difference of riding a bike in -15 weather and driving in his new Suzuki wagon R.

  4. E Mom

    Eric, what about your own mother standing at the bus stop in -30 Celsius weather (-45C with the wind chill) at 6 am weekday mornings to go to work. Now that’s beeping cold. I AM CANADIAN!!!

  5. I was going to say something but just reading all this comments made me smile and forgot what I wanted to say 😀

  6. J.riz

    Yo, where the party at for Sendai, 2010????

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