I know it’s a bit late, but this is what I got for Christmas from my wife.

A giant slime! I put one of my older slimes in the picture so that you can appreciate the size difference. I personally think that my new slime would probably be the actually real life size of the slimes in Dragon Quest (if slime were real that is). Amazingly cute!



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6 responses to “Giant!!

  1. Sweet slime. I hadn’t played any DQ until 5 a few months ago, I so didn’t appreciate these gooey little guys until recently. Now I want one of those.

    • Wow you just started playing recently! I’ve been playing Dragon Quest for over 20 years already (yes, I’m old). I’m glad that you could experience the series finally.

      • Yeah, me too. I was always a Final Fantasy kid growing up (I remember ordering the first one from Nintendo Power) and kind of ignored Dragon Warrior, so Dragon Quest got through my radar. Enjoyed the one I just played, though…maybe I’ll try the recent one in Japanese sometime.

  2. Holy cuteness of the cuteness!!!! Ok Im soooooo out of date here ..the last game Ive ever played was the 1st version of Mario Brothers but what is this character? Awww bless your wife for getting you that …erm question ..what did dear husband get for thoughtful wife? For Christmas I got my husband a laptop cooler and bless his practical soul he loved it *phew* its never easy to get things for him ..for his birthday last 15th, I decided to get him a new handphone and till today I’ve yet to see that booger use it HMPH!

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