Big Texas

At McDonald’s over the next four months they’re having a new series of burgers called “Big America”. It’s basically Quarter Pounders with different toppings on them. As you can see below in the pictures they all look pretty delicious.

Today I had the “Texas” burger, and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. The topping are cheese, BBQ sauce, fried onions (which were nice and crunchy), bacon, and a spicy (I think jalapeño) relish. I’ll definitely eat it again. As the new burgers come out I’ll continue to update my opions on them in new posts.



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6 responses to “Big Texas

  1. So you tried it.
    Did you know that if you tried the “Texas Burger” on January 8th, they’d give you a coupon for a free “New York Burger” in February?

  2. Damn. Now I find out about this. There goes my gut.

  3. Ian

    These look pretty good. To bad we don’t have these in Canada. Maybe it is time for a visit to Japan to see my favorite sister in law…

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