The wife and I took a very rare trip to the movie theater today. Having free tickets was the reason. The only movie worth seeing was “Avatar”, the new movie from James Cameron.

It was quite a fun movie to watch. We saw it in 3D too. It’s only the second 3D movie I’ve ever seen, so saying it was the best one is a bit strange, but it used the effect quite well. Instead of being a gimmick it enhanced the movie, making it more beautiful. On a side note it’s crazy how expensive going to the movies is in Japan. If we didn’t have free passes it would have been 1800 yen plus an extra 300 yen charge for the 3D movie each. Bring it to a grand total of 4200 yen for two people! Crazy!! No wonder movie theaters are having trouble these days.



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12 responses to “Avatar

  1. Do they eat popcorn at the movies in Japan?

  2. Don’t they have the discount ticket shops in Sendai?
    We don’t go to theaters often anymore either…but when we do, we buy one ticket for me at a discount shop (usually ¥1300 – ¥1500)…plus we go on “Ladies Day” (the first of the month), so my wife and daughters get a ticket for ¥1000 each.

    All five of us total about ¥5500 (if it’s just my wife and I, it costs ¥2500).

    Also, Japanese theaters don’t mind if you bring your own food in. We stop at a convenience store and buy sandwiches and beer (much cheaper than the theater’s concession stand)!

    Anyways, what was the other 3-D movie you saw?

    I’ve only seen one 3-D movie in a theater…it was in the 1980’s. I saw “JAWS IV 3-D“. A very disappointing movie!

  3. My son and I just saw the Avatar movie in 3D also (while my wife went shopping so everyone is happy) … I agree, quite a fun movie to watch.

    Watching movies is definitely more expensive compare to Canada (about 900 yen for a regular ticket). As well, in Canada, you can also find coupon and on Tuesday, it is half price.

    PS. Is that above movie poster official? Must be an old one as the date says May 2009, but the worldwide premiere was this month.

  4. cuteandcurls

    My eyeballs just literally dropped out of its socket and my jaw dropped when I converted the price of movie pass into my currency..HOLY COW!!!!!!! And here I am complaining how expensive it is over here but this one takes the cake. But why? ive never been to a 3D theatre only because the movies they’re showing are just plain boring for me.

    On a positive note 🙂
    Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

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