I know I’ve been slacking off on the posts lately, but with sickness gripping me yet again, I’ve been stuck in a zombified state in front of the TV.

I thought I would throw up a picture I took when I went to Zao a couple months ago. I have to say even then it was freezing cold at the top of the mountain. I’m sure there’s piles of snow up there now.

The volcano is quite a stunning site I must say. Both times I’ve visited it I’ve been lucky to have a nice clear view of the crater. Some unlucky people just see fog.



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8 responses to “Zao

  1. I’ve been meaning to get over to Zao. Can you get right next to the crater?

  2. cuteandcurls

    The closest I got to a volcano was in Bali, bloody damp as we climbed up and nearly got to see the crater until we got stopped by a local who was threatening us when we refused to listen to him and his BS. We would have taken his offer as our guide but he turned nasty and signalled his ‘henchmen’ to come up and join him. Nevertheless that bad experience did not deter me to enjoy the rest of my holiday. But to look at your photo of that crater that much close is still amazing.

    • That sounds nasty. It’s too bad when people try and take advantage of tourists. It’s in rather bad taste.

      • cuteandcurls

        It sure was, its these sort of people that taints the reputation of their own people. Since we spoke almost the same language I made sure that I gave him a piece of my mind. Overall I still think Balinese are warm hearted people. Its the greedy kind that makes the good ones difficult to find. Anymore photos of the volcano? I like looking at them ..theres something fearsome and yet gentle about these nature time bombs 😀

  3. pat

    That is one beautiful picture. Would have been a great experience to be there.

    • It is a really beautiful place. Unfortunately that day it was bloody freezing, and I was only wearing a thin hooded sweatshirt (it was much warmer at the bottom)!

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