New Toy

This Friday I got a new toy, an Amazon Kindle International e-book reader.  So far I really love it. Now I can avoid all the terrible price inflation charged by Japanese book stores on English language books (I once saw an issue of Rolling Stone for 1800 yen!!).

The screen has to be seen to be believed, pictures don’t do it justice at all. The Kindle uses a new type of screen called e-Ink which simulates a real printed page. When you see it in person it’s really quite stunning, and incredibly easy to read, much like reading a real book. I can also read some manga on it too.

It looks really nice as well.

You can also do some basic web surfing, and also buy books from Amazon wirelessly. You can see my blog right down below.

Granted the browser is nothing fancy, mostly text and some pics are all it can handle, but it’s good in a pinch for looking up info on the go. Did I mention that the 3G internet connection is completely free, and works in  tons of countries. Pretty cool! I look forward to reading tons of books thanks to this device.



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8 responses to “New Toy

  1. That’s pretty cool. E-books are the future.

  2. cuteandcurls

    That would be an awesome birthday gift for my husband.

  3. I’ve been procrastinating on this one. E-book readers may be the wave of the future, but in the end they are tablet PCs, which could be the next netbook.

    • Don’t forget about the unique e-Ink screen. It much easier and less tiring to read than using a back lit LCD screen. Trust me I’ve tried on my netbook. Seeing it in person would probably convince you.

  4. Hoshi

    Wow, looks nifty. Is reading it’s only feature? Or can it do more?

    • It’s mostly just for reading. There is some basic internet though. I’ve been using it for around four months now, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

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