One of my students went to Sakaiminato to visit the Mizuki road, which is named after the creator of Gegege no Kitaro, the famous ghost manga nad anime.

He brought back a souvenir for us, a bunch of really cute Kitaro shaped cakes.

Here’s some closer looks at them. First Kitaro.

Next Cat Girl.

Rat Man.

And Kitaro’s Dad.

Not only were they cute they were also delicious.



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8 responses to “Gegege

  1. Do you like 人形焼き cakes?
    I like them alot…but I thought you mentioned once that you don’t like anko.

    Do you like Ge-ge-ge Kitaro?

  2. I have been meaning to get to Tottori. I really want to go next time I’m in Kyoto.

    • I want to go to it looks like fun. Have you been to Ishinomaki. They have something similar for the guy who created Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009, and tons more. There’s statues all over town, and a museum. It’s really cool.

  3. cuteandcurls

    Ahhh Kitaro, love watching this anime. I like the theme song too ..very catchy. is it my imagination or am i seeing snow falling on this site of yours?!!! Remember the blog you wrote about the food manga ..they’ve finally got it here so Im putting that on my Xmas list they’ve got 2 volumes here.

    • Oh, that’s great you can get Oishinbo. It’s super interesting. I learned so much about food and cooking techniques. And yes you are seeing snow falling on my site.

  4. yanjindulam

    oo it;s so yammi 🙂

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