Music I’m Listening To

Since I did a round-up of the games I’m playing right now, I thought I’d also do what music I’m listening to at the moment. Just for fun.

Coeur de Pirate – Coeur de Pirate

A beautiful album by Montreal native  Beatrice Martin. A really great chill out album. By the way the album is entirely in French. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post any of the real music videos since they don’t allow embedding.)

Fool’s Gold – Fool’s Gold

Lately I’m into African type rhythms, and this album really caught my attention. Just listening to it makes me so happy.

Gang of Four – Return the Gift

I’ve always been into Gang of Four, but recently I’ve listened to them a lot. I love the rawness and attitude. They also came up with one of my favorite lines in a song ever, “To hell with poverty we’ll get drunk on cheap wine”. Check out some awesome dancing below.

Matt & Kim – Grand

Another fun and catchy indie album full of great songs.

Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires

I’ve basically been listening to this album steadily for over a year now. It’s so fantastic.It kind of reminds me of the Talking Heads a little bit.



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15 responses to “Music I’m Listening To

  1. keith

    I must agree with Friendly Fires, I’ve been loving that album, kiss of life, pretty cool. Hey do you like the Animal Collective? I saw them in Amsterdam in March, hotness.

  2. But none of them breathe fire, drool bllod, smash guitars, or fly into the rafters!
    No fun!!

  3. gatchaman195

    well atleast your taste in games is great -)

  4. Douglas


    I like Coeur de Pirate a lot. They are from Mtl and sing in french (mostly) but it needed an anglo-ontarian moving to Sendai and write about it in a blog about, mostly, Japan, for me to get to know them. And round and round in the world we go…. Thanks for the introduction, I have now a few of their songs living happily in my mp3 player, and soon they will be moving to my Iphone.

  5. >some great Canadian music

    Helix, KiLLeR DWaRfS, Nickleback

    • I hate to tell you this, but those aren’t good Canadian bands.

      • Like Anvil (another Canadian band), the lyrics that Helix and the Killer Dwarfs write (wrote) are (were) kinda goofy.

        But I thought that was their novelty. (Is it some kind of unique Canadian humor?).

        But their music sounds good. And I think Nickleback has some really good songs.

        • Most Canadians hate Nickleback. Just like we hate Celine Dion, Alanis Morriset, and Avril Lavigne.

          • Oh well, I like Nickleback…but, I’m not Canadian. 😉

            >Celine Dion, Alanis Morriset, and Avril Lavigne.

            All terrible!

            Sebastian Bach (original singer of the American band “Skid Row“) is from Canada.

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