Games I’m Playing

I thought I would do a post about the current games that I’m playing now. Today in the mail I just got two games from Play Asia. The first being “Modern Warfare 2”.

I payed it for a couple hours tonight, and so far it’s really fun. I also got “Lego Rock Band” to continue my addiction to all things Rock Band.

It’s a bit easier than normal Rock Band, but still fun.Of course I’m still hopelessly entrenched in “Rock Band 2”. Unable to escape the rock.

I’m so addicted to playing drums. I’m actually able to play on hard difficulty now. Which is incredible since I had previously believed that drumming would be impossible for me.

A couple weeks ago I also picked up the Japanese version of “Uncharted 2”. Like most PS3 games it has multiple languages, which makes it easy to pick up English games while living in Japan.

Some people have said that the Japanese cover is terrible, but I actually kind of like it. I like it more than the American version.

On the go I’ve been playing the video game version of German board game “Carcassonne” on DS.

It’s quite fun and is great to play in small bursts, like on a short train ride.

Finally I’m still playing the terrifying and extremely difficult “Demon Souls”.

Currently I’m working my way through the second world. Super hard, but still really fun.



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11 responses to “Games I’m Playing

  1. Gil

    Amen to that Demon’s Souls. Tough as nails and totally unforgiving… yet satisfying and rewarding πŸ˜€

    I’m pretty much halfway through all 5 worlds. Haven’t beaten any of the final bosses in any stage yet but I’m leveling up so I’m more prepared when I do meet one. It gets me nervous even to think about progressing. Kinda funny actually.

    • I think the nervousness is part of the fun of Demons Souls. Not knowing what is monster or trap is lurking just around the corner, waiting to kill you is enthralling. Your much further along than me. I’m still tooling around the first and second worlds, and I’ve had it for months now. I’m slow!

  2. The story mode in MW2 is quite compelling.
    I will confess that I couldn’t bear to shoot any of the civilians in the airport scene. I just fired into the air or missed them deliberately.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    I am playing the same game on the DS. I had played the card game at a party once and thought it interesting. The DS version is perfect. If I had time maybe I should get myself a PS3 and start to play some of these games.

  4. Ku Ri Su

    yes, that would be a plan. I don’t have the Catan game yet. I’ll have to look for it.

  5. Got MW2 for my son from Play Asia as well – I heard this is the best selling game in history. Looks like you are enjoying it so far.

  6. keith

    Wow, where do you find the time to play all of these?

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