Rock The Floor

If you been reading my blog for a while, you’ll  know that there are a lot of Pringles flavors coming out all the time in Japan. I think they’re starting to run out of ideas for new names for the, because these latest two are a little bit strange. Like this one, “Night Star”.

Or how about “Rock The Floor”!?

In terms of flavor they were both good. The top one being a “nothing special” cheese flavor. The second on having a delectable Thai red curry taste. Mmmm yummy!



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9 responses to “Rock The Floor

  1. tornadoes28

    Hmmm, what kind of flavor is rock the floor?

  2. Ku Ri Su

    Shouldn’t it be “Rock the House” not floor?
    I would like to try that red curry one, sounds delicious.

  3. gatchaman195

    It is always so funny to see how japanese people create tastes that other countries would think they are very weird to say atleast -)

  4. cuteandcurls

    Ive tried some of the Pringles I cant remember which one it was and it does not seem to taste what it suppose to be. I wonder why theyve not come up with a beer flavoured pringles before or bitter ones 😀

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