Pig or Not Pig


I was pretty sick this past week (still am). Seriously pondering whether I had “swine flu” or not. A few kids in my classes at work came down with it right after I had them for class. Being fearful of spreading it I went to the hospital to find out the verdict. To do this they had to stick a Q-tip so far up my nose that I thought my brain would get poked. The test results came back negative, but the doctor said it only recognizes 60% of the people who actually have it. I seriously hope I’m in the 40% percent and actually have it, because I’d like to not have to worry about catching pig flu anymore.



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8 responses to “Pig or Not Pig

  1. Hope you are feeling better, do get well soon. Great picture and blog title :-), glad to see you still have your sense of humor!

  2. So many people have it that you would be better off getting it out of the way.

    Get well.

  3. Ku Ri Su

    hope you feel better buddy.

  4. Emom

    Eric, are they giving any flu shots for H1N1 in Japan? They have an immunization program here in Ottawa. We hope to get flu shots in a couple of weeks.
    Your pic of the kid and the pig was great. Hope you’re better soon. Love Mom&Dad

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