American Street

Here’s a couple strange Pringles flavors of late. They’re supposedly inspired by large American cities. The first being called “New Yorker’s Street” Cheese Dog flavor.

NY street pringles

I basically tasted like cheese flavor Pringles. The other is “Los Angeles Street” BBQ Chicken.

LA street pringles

I had no idea Los Angeles was known for BBQ chicken. I visited there a few years ago and never once had BBQ chicken. Lots of Mexican food, but no BBQ chicken.



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3 responses to “American Street

  1. >”New Yorker’s Street”…”Los Angeles Street”

    The Japanese names are 「ニューヨーク食べ歩き」 and 「ロサンゼルス食べ歩き」.
    Which mean “Eating and walking (in) New York” and “Eating and walking (in) Los Angeles“, respectively.

    Did you see the “Halloween Happiness Party Pringles“?
    I saw them at 7-11 recently…but didn’t try them.

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