The Shinkansen (otherwise known as the “Bullet Train”) is fast. Bloody fast. When we were travelling to Tokyo to take our flight to Canada I took this video to show how fast it really moves. Check it out!



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9 responses to “Shinkansen

  1. Taking the shinkansen is one of my favorite memories of Japan. What I remember most was standing in the station as one of the non-stop express trains roared through the station. Awesome.

  2. cuteandcurls

    *Notes down on my list of MUST DO when Im in Japan*

  3. I also love the fact that they have Train Attendants on the trains with carts selling food and beer. Nothing like roaring through the Kanto enjoying a Sapporo. Awesome.

  4. Ku Ri Su

    one of my favorite rituals is to get a beer at the train station convenient store in Narita and then drink it on the train ride into Tokyo. You can have you sub, I’ll stick to my suds.

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