The New Wagon R

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our old Wagon R finally had to be put out to pasture. That meant we needed a new car, so we went to the Suzuki dealership and bought a brand new 2009 Wagon R (which we received the day before we left on vacation).

new wagon r 1

It’s quite a bit nicer than the old one. Actually having four doors and cup-holders being major new upgrades.

new wagon r 2

It also has lots of futuristic features, like not needing any keys of any sort (just a key fob), including starting the car. It also has a CVT transmission for optimal gas savings. And yes those are real alloy rims (we actually didn’t even know that we had them until a week after we got the car)!

new wagon r 3

Below is a shot of the dashboard and front seat.

new wagon r 4

I really like the bench like seat, and empty floor. It makes it really easy to slide over and get out the other side when the parking situation is especially tight.

new wagon r 5

The backseat is especially spacious. The seat can slide forward and back, giving you more leg room or more trunk space as required without having to fold down the seats. I have to say the difference between the two cars is remarkable. I could really feel the progress cars had made in the past 16 years comparing the two. Check out my old post on our dear departed old Wagon R to see the differences yourself.



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13 responses to “The New Wagon R

  1. Bee

    That is a sweet ride Eric!

  2. I like the Wagon R. That and the Nissan March.

  3. Cool indeed! You really must like this car to buy the same model 16 years later. Enjoy your new car.

  4. keith

    just a note, it’s a key fob, not fop

  5. cuteandcurls

    NOW THAT ..THAT IS ONE HECK OF A COOL CAR ..sorry for the caps lock ^_^ Man I wish this model will be available one day in my part of the world. I like it ..I like the spaciousness especially with the gear stick now right in front of you …for a driver that might need some getting used to for awhile ..I still dont know how that key fob works and if such a thing is useful compare to the old key starter ..but heck that car is awesome! What’s the fuel consumption like?

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