Beatles Remasters

Recently I’ve been listening to the recent remastering of the Beatles discography. The sound is so much more dynamic than the older CDs. Hearing stereo mixes of previously only mono mixed songs is great. It’s always amazing to me how these four guys could cook up so many consistently great songs and albums. Probably some of my favorite music of all time.



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8 responses to “Remastered

  1. Emom

    Eric, your Uncle Peter had most of these albums in mono that he bought when we were growing up. The Beatles will always rule!

  2. cuteandcurls

    They’ll always be the best can never get bored listening to the Beatles!

  3. keith

    nice, i was wondering if it was worth it buying them, i’ll definitely have to pick a set up

  4. Joe

    Long live the Beatles.

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