Let’s Go!!

air canada

Well, I’m off to Canada for almost two weeks tomorrow. It’s going to be nice to see friends and family, and also eat all the foods I’ve been missing. It’ll also be nice not to have people staring at me all the time, because I’m a foreigner. I’ll still try to do some posts while I’m away, so keep checking.



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8 responses to “Let’s Go!!

  1. cuteandcurls

    Have a safe flight back home and enjoy your time meeting your family & friends, eating the food that you miss !!!

  2. My family and I are also heading back to Canada – my wife and son are also leaving tomorrow and I am leaving Friday (I will only be away for 1 week, much too short). We haven’t been back for almost 2 years since we got here so we are looking forward to the visit.

    Anyway, have a safe and enjoyable trip home!

  3. Ku Ri Su

    BBQ is all ready to go.

  4. I’ve also booked my tickets for the trip home over the holidays. Enjoy your visit!

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