Cute Characters

For the recent release of Dragon Quest IX they’ve come out with some really cute little figures. It’s based on the create a character system in the new game, where you can switch and swap pieces to make something unique. These little figures can do the same thing. I’ve only got a couple so far, but they are so awesome and super cute.

dq9 fig1

I have him wearing two pices of the hero armor. I also have this merchant figure.

dq9 fig2

I want to get more so I can mix and match them. Plus I want I want to get all of the pieces for the hero armor.



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12 responses to “Cute Characters

  1. You must have quite a large collection of figurines!

  2. Ku Ri Su

    Why does the merchant look like he is “special” ?

  3. I love these things! The merchant from the ‘Mana’ game series has always looked ‘special’, too.
    Did you ever play the NES version ‘Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen’? I played through alittle bit of it again just a few days ago.
    My summer vacation is quickly coming to an end and I’ve been playing some old NES, SNES, and Famicom Disk System games. As a fellow game enthusiast, I’m sure you can appreciate that!

  4. I know you like Gatchaman (like I do).

    Did you know that there’s a Hollywood remake of it being made?

    I added it to the top of my post about Hollywood’s Japan-related movies:

  5. I have yet to understand the logic behind collecting figurines. -_-

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