Tamago Update!!

This is an addition to the last post that I did. I stated how I felt guilty eating the Tamago Double Mac. Well now I don’t have to feel so bad, because some people in Japan are eating this monstrosity!


Yes, a Mega Tamago!! Add one more hamburger patty, more bacon, lots more mayo, and you have a Japanese exclusive sandwich that will surely send you into cardiac arrest. Who say all of the food in Japan is healthy!?



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7 responses to “Tamago Update!!

  1. I couldn’t even fit that in my mouth if I tried.

  2. keith

    alright, that’s just disgusting.

  3. Ian

    I have to agree with Keith.. That is just disgusting. I bet though Eric has one just so he can say he ate the MEGA Tamago and survived to tell about it. Do they sell t-shirts at Mcdonalds that say I survived the MEGA???

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