Tamago Double Mac

tamago double mac

Here’s the latest new burger at McDonald’s. It’s the heart stopping “Tamago Double Mac”. Tamago means egg by the way. This burger just says cholesterol with it’s two beef patties, egg, bacon, and pepper mayonnaise. I must have been living here too long, because the first time I had a single patty Tamago Mac, I thought it was too unhealthy. Now I had the double and I’m starting to like it. Soon I’ll be eating even more bad stuff like mochi or red bean paste (that’ll never happen)!

By the way last month they had a Spicy Black Pepper Juicy Chicken sandwich. It was quite spicy and quite delicious! The red one wasn’t new and is a regular on the menu.

juicy spicy-mac



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2 responses to “Tamago Double Mac

  1. It looks tasty but also heart clogging.

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