Moto Compo

I found these scans of an old brochure for the “Moto Compo” scooter. As the brochure states, it’s a “trunk” bike.


What this means is it can fold up and fit in the trunk of your car.


Why didn’t this great idea catch on? Well take a look at the guy in the picture below riding it.


Would you be caught dead riding a Moto Compo? I certainly wouldn’t. Anyways, I love the crazy 80’s styles. It’s funny how Japanese ads often use white people to sell cars or scooters. Especially ones that would never be sold in western countries.


By the way, click on the photos to enjoy their full splendor.



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8 responses to “Moto Compo

  1. keith

    I love how trunk bike also makes a very practical table, I mean I can’t ride on a single table I own.

  2. The sax in the trunk is great… So 80’s!

    • I like how it’s carelessly thrown in with a magazine, a tennis racquet, a stereo, and a long length of rope. What is that person planning to do?

  3. Why would you even need this scooter?
    Even you’ve already driven a car to wherever you’re going, where would you need to ride that thing to? From your car’s parking space to the store’s front door? 😉

    Anyways, where did you find this ad?

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