Last weekend on Sunday we went to Marumori with our friends to have a BBQ. I made homemade hamburgers for everyone. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find hamburger buns in Japan. Anyways you can see in the  photo (taken by my friend Hiromi on her cell phone).

marumori bbq

I’m cooking so fast my arms are a blur! After we ate we went down to the river and took a nice cool swim.

marumori river

It felt great, since it was super hot that day. It was a fantastic day!



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6 responses to “BBQ

  1. Jeff

    Nice grilling there E.

  2. So where did you find buns?

    • I didn’t. I had to used these not so great, pale white soy-milk buns and cut them in half. We went to three stores and only one even had plain buns.

  3. E Mom

    Don’t worry Eric, you can practice your barbecuing skills all you want when you are home next month for a visit. I don’t mind relinquishing the cooking to someone else. Here in Canada, we have a wide choice of different hamburg buns!

    Dad and I are looking forward to seeing both you and our favourite daughter-in-law.

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