Three Sheets

Three-Sheets 1

I just discovered this show thanks to a forum thread on GAF. It’s called “Three Sheets”. Basically it’s a travel show where the host Zane Lamprey goes to different countries to sample the local alcoholic beverages. It’s really fun to watch him drink tons of stuff, get totally drunk, and act strange in public. He’ll drink anything, especially weird stuff (as pictured below).


You can watch all of the episode of season one and two on Joost for free, and for all of you possible ex-pat viewers in Japan, this site does work (not like Hulu, which blocks other countries). There’s even an episode in Japan where he goes on a sake binge, and then sumo wrestles with a random stranger in a bar. So enjoy!



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2 responses to “Three Sheets

  1. cuteandcurls

    I cringe when I realised that, that’s a snake ERKH!!! There’s a travel documentary of this guy who tries out all the beverages of the countries he visits and participates in their activities or others but this guy sounds like hes worth watching!

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