One of my favorite restaurants in Japan is “Coco Ichiban” (not to be confused with the Coco’s family restaurant chain). It’s basically a Japanese curry restaurant. I mostly like it because the curry is good, you can get many different toppings, it’s fast, and it’s cheap.

coco ichiban

Also it’s one of the few restaurants in Japan that is 100% no smoking (this is very rare indeed). They have menus in many languages, so even non-Japanese can comfortably order on their own. You can also choose your own level of spiciness, ranging from the mild level 1 to the fiery level 10. My goal is to try the level 10 someday. Currently I usually enjoy a level 5 (which is quite spicy in it’s own right). I highly recommend trying it sometime.



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  1. I love Japanese curry. I wonder if this restaurant is in Tochigi also?

  2. Ku Ri Su

    We used to go to a restaurant like this in Tokyo. Don’t know if it was the same chain or not. My friend was a regular and when he ordered the 10, the chef would come out and deliver it personally.

  3. I love curry, absolutely love it!! At least I know if and when I go to Japan and I’m in Sendai I know I can curb my curry cravings over there they have other curry buddies like pappadums, naan bread or pita bread or dosai?

    I finally had my 1st curry a month ago, I made fish curry and didnt realise I made it so hot & spicy …but thankfully no bad reaction 😀

    • It’s not just in Sendai. It’s everywhere. Unfortunately there are no naan or pappadums, Japanese curry just comes with rice and you can add pickles.

  4. I should never read you blog when I am hungry 🙂 … I have never tried this restaurant before (actually never heard of it), so I’ll have to check out the link you provided to find where you can find them in Tokyo,

  5. Jeff

    Eric. You can handle a 45x spicy. Level 10 ought to be nothing.

  6. Ku Ri Su

    We recently tried this place I as I often tell my in-laws I would like to have chicken cuts curry.

    I ordered a level 4 (half that of level 5) and it certainly was spicy. I could handle the taste but any more would be too much. I am curious now to try the level 5 before I leave.

  7. Ku Ri Su


    I can see the challenge has been made. I’ll do my best to get back there before I leave and let you know what I think. Maybe I should go straight to level 6 against the menus advice.

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