Here’s Pepsi’s special flavor for the summer. It’s Shiso Pepsi. Shiso is a Japanese herb tat is part of the mint family. So to understand the taste, imagine a mint flavored soda. It’s just OK tasting.

pepsi shiso



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21 responses to “Shiso

  1. Ku Ri Su

    Lemon Pepsi is still my favorite. Can’t imagine Shiso.

  2. what kinda flavour will they come up with next!

  3. My impression was that if they had toned down the shiso, it would have been better. I should have tried it with sushi.

    • I find shiso is pretty strong to begin with. My pet peeve is when the wrap the shirmp with it on sushi. It really detracts from the natural taste of the fish. Drinking ti alongside would be pretty good though.

  4. cuteandcurls

    Ive read about this on Tokyo5’s site, interesting to know your view of it. No way can I get this flavour through my friend as they dont allow any liquids on board the plane. A minty flavoured pepsi *wrinkles me nose* i do wonder had that truly taste like.

    Maybe one of these days I ought to buy all the pepsi sold out here and post them on my blog 😀 but first to get my ‘guinea pig’ to drink them and give me his thoughts about it.

  5. I think it’s interesting that they can sell stuff like this in Japan but everyone seems to hate root beer.

  6. Tried it, didn’t like it at all 😦

  7. Ku Ri Su

    I was able to find my lemon pepsi or “Pepsi Twist”. It is very elusive and hard to find but worth the hunt. I enjoyed it very much.

    BTW – you have four posts about Pepsi and I don’t quite remember them all. Interesting to go over them all over again 🙂

  8. Ku Ri Su

    funny, you don’t have any posts on Coke.

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