Last night we took a drive out to Korimachi in Fukushima to see a firefly festival. The festival itself was very tiny, but the there was hundreds of fireflies. It was very hard to take pictures or videos with my camera in total darkness, but I managed this decent one here.

fire flies

I had to use a very fast film speed combined with keeping the shutter open for 15 seconds. What is cool is that a firefly flew right in front of my camera during the picture, producing that green streak.



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8 responses to “Fireflies

  1. Bee

    I saw your firefly comment on fb and immediately came here, hoping for a picture. Yay – I was not disappointed! 🙂

  2. It must be exciting to see them in person ! :]

  3. Missing Recneps

    This is absolutely beautiful.
    You must have been the lucky person to take this great photo!!
    I am very proud of Eribon.

  4. Absolutely great!!
    I’ve seen only once and only one.
    I didn’t know they flash green.

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