I was pretty surprised the other day when I found out that Michael Jackson died. Love him or hate him, he still had some really good tunes. Of course this makes my mug even more timely. Anyways here’s a couple really old Japanese commercial that Michael did for the “Suzuki Love”. Looks like “Off the Wall” era Michael.



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6 responses to “MJ

  1. People don’t believe me when I say this…but I always thought Michael Jackson’s music was overrated.

    And, even by Hollywood’s standards, he was right weird.

    All due respect to the deceased.

    • I like the old Michael (like in these commercials), before he started hanging out with chimpanzees, turned white and destroyed his face.

  2. Jeff

    He was pretty cool back then. When you see what a normal dude he was in those days, it makes his later self seem even stranger.

  3. This is pretty cool. I always enjoy seeing the stars try to secretly sell out in Japan.

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