Here’s the latest manners poster from the Tokyo Metro. Do people actually do this? If they do, it’s pretty terrible. And why does it say piston?


I have to say the poster is timely, what with the rainy season happening right now.



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5 responses to “Umbrellas

  1. >why does it say piston?

    It says “piston” with an arrow pointing up and down, meaning the man is opening and closing the umbrella rapidly to dry it by moving the “piston” up and down the spine of the umbrella (like the movement of an engine piston).

    • So that’s what they meant by piston. I got that from just the arrow. The “piston” part was just confusing. On wikipedia the diagram says thatpart is called the runner. Maybe it’s a Japanese thing to call it piston.

  2. Yes, I saw these posters several days ago in the subway station. Also, doesn’t the rain look like snow to you 🙂

  3. Ah, because he’s workin’ it like a piston!

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