Check out this  awesome old arcade game I saw. It’s called “Dangerous Bar”.

dangerous bar1

What you do is slip on the provided boxing gloves and punch the rubber fat punk rocker in the stomach as hard as you can.

dangerous bar3

Basically it’s a strength test, measuring how hard you can throw you punches.

dangerous bar2

It also teaches children about bar fights. How great is that!?



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8 responses to “Dangerous

  1. Ku Ri Su

    That’s too funny.

    The have a machine where I play FOOSBALL (best non-video game ever!) that is very similar to this. Here is a video of it:

    It’s crazy. Imagine a bunch of 20 year old male, drunk, university kids, punching this thing. They even have a tournament next month.

  2. So how hard were you able to punch him?

  3. cuteandcurls

    Man this goes way back…I remember seeing something like this in the game arcade section of Yaohan! Of course I didnt try punching the fella tho, my punch is so weak ^_^

  4. You know, I think kids should get more training in brawling. Melee training would be beneficial as well.

    • OK, I will start implementing this at work. The kids will have to fight in a Kumite just like in “Bloodsport”. The secret technique to win will always be doing the splits, a la JCVD.

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