Bad Judgement

How would you like to have nice, ancient, probably hundreds of years old grave site, and then have some moron city planner decide to put an ugly hydro pole next to it.  I wonder if his ghost is haunting the city planner now. I would!

new and old



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8 responses to “Bad Judgement

  1. Yeah, that is sad. Japan is well known for this type of stupid planning. Look at all the power poles in historic neighborhoods.

  2. Absolute idiots! This is where i really do not get it at all. Having travelled I see beautiful old buildings that I’d like to capture with my camera ONLY to have all these cable wires spoiling it. Worse are when the Government are absolute ignorants and dont even think of preserving the country’s historical buildings or artifacts. As for graveyards ..boy dont even get me started on it. The other day i was with my taxi driver and i asked him about the graveyards and i couldnt believe how some developers basically just plow its way through these graves which may have been there for a very long time to make way for new apartments JUST because of its strategic location. Its disgusting really for the sake of money and land?! I am sure they had to do a serious ritual before doing this but seriously a plot where graveyards used to be? I pity those soon to be residents .. ok nuff said ..i could go on and on about it ^_^

    Anyway may i know who, this graveyard, belongs to? I am sure he / she is prolly haunting the city planner right now ..

    • I guess none of the developers have seen the movie poltergeist.

      I don’t know who’s grave it is. Sorry.

      • cuteandcurls

        Yea they’ve not watch nor heard of Poltergeist yet ..once they do it’ll be too late to regret anything. All they’ll be getting are a crazed telly switching itself on and the kids saying in an eerie way ‘They’re hereeeeeee’ Have a great weekend. How’s the weather in Sendai at the moment? Lovely or raining?

  3. This sort of thing happens all the time in my area with cellphone towers… I hate it.

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