Yesterday we took a drive out to Matsushima to see the aquarium, Marinpia. I had never been to one before so I found it interesting.


They had all kinds of fish. Lots of strange looking ones.

marinpia fish

Poisonous ones too.

marinpia poisonous fish

They also had some black and white dolphins, which I had no idea even existed.

I got to see a seal show as well.

The penguins were cool too. They were so popular with the kids.

marinpia penguin

The jelly fish were beautiful.

marinpia jellyfish

I also snapped a nice close up of a sleeping crocodile.

marinpia croc

It was a fun day.



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5 responses to “Marinpia

  1. *casts an evil eye at the last photo* I dont like crocodiles! Nasty looking photo. I love seals, they’re just plain clever so do those penguins. That first photo of the fish looks like Oscar fish to me ..and that poisonous one …I cant remember what its called ..pretty but damn poisonous.

  2. I’ve been to Matsushima several times, but I haven’t made it to the aquarium in yet. Is the aquarium in the middle of all the action in Matsushima? Or is it off the main road?

    • It’s on the main road. If you’re facing the ocean turn right. It’s before the tunnel. It’s not really near the shops and stuff but not far either.

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