Since finishing the video game version of crack, call Rittai Picross, I’ve been searching for new candidates for addiction. There are  two I’ve been trying out, the first being  “Knights in the Nightmare”.


Which is a strategy RPG, but the play mechanics are so weird. Think a combination of an old fashion space shooter, and a turn based strategy game. Add in lots of complex leveling and weapon system, and you have a really deep game. Check out the video below.

I know it looks crazy, but it makes sense if you actually play the game. The other game I’ve been playing is “Super Mario Land 2” for the old Game Boy.


I was inspired to play this thanks to the latest GameSpite book I received recently. So far it’s really fun, and kind of strange for a Mario title.



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2 responses to “Searching

  1. Ku Ri Su

    The first one looks too intense. But I guess if you like the FF Tatics game you would enjoy that one. I never got into the Tatics, so I would say go with Mario.

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