Iris Festival

Today we went to the Iris Festival in Kakuda. Iris is a big manufacturer of plastic stuff, kind of like Rubbermaid in North America. Well they have a huge factory on the outskirts of Kakuda city. It seems like most of the big companies here have annual festivals. This one was an international food festival.

iris festival 1

The had all kinds of foods, like Indian…

iris festival 2


iris festival 3

And most importantly kebabs!!

iris festival 4

I was very happy to see kebabs, since it’s been well over a year since I had a shawarma, gyro, or any kind of meat in a pita. It was delicious. Some of the other countries they had food from were Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, America, and Malaysia.



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3 responses to “Iris Festival

  1. Oooh kebabs!! *drools* I love kebabs, I love chapati, murtabak, dosai, YIKES!! this blog of yours is making me crave for all of them but I still cant have them yet 😦 Maybe I ought to suggest Brunei to join in the food exhibition next time hehehe .. this Iris sounds pretty much like Tupperware to me too ..

  2. Well you’ve succeeded with making me hungry already.

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