New Games!!

Today my latest shipment from Play Asia arrived. I got two games for PS3. The first being Demon’s Souls, which is a action RPG. You walk around these dark ominous environments and fend off demons and gigantic monsters that attack you. It’s quite fun, and also quite hard.

new games

The other is called “Hakuna Matata”, otherwise known as “Afrika” on most websites. It is you are a photographer for National Geographic, and you are given task to take wildlife photos. The graphics are really nice and look prttey real. Both these games are available in Japan, but strangely don’t have English available. The versions I got are from Hong Kong and Korea. Why is it Sony isn’t putting all of the languages on every disk if they are coming out at the same time? It’s bewildering.



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2 responses to “New Games!!

  1. ^_^ I’ll never understand how to play these new games quite happy if its the old school vid games like Pacman or Mario Bros or erm .. Street Fighter

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