Here’s yet another new type of Doritos. This time it’s in stick form. Unfortunately the Doritos scientist are getting lazy, because they taste the same as the plain old normal Doritos. The only new thing is their stick shape. Work harder Doritos scientists!

doritos sticks



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4 responses to “Sticks

  1. Has WordPress been having problems as of late? I had a frustrating time surfing to my favorite blog reads, it took forever for the page to upload. Anyhoo now it seems to be behaving very well 😀 Ever tried Ruffles? Love those snacks than Doritos ^_^

    • Sometimes WordPress is slow. Maybe too much traffic.

      I’ve had Ruffles many times before. In Japan they only have them at import stores though. I love them!

  2. Me too! I love Ruffles (Git yer own bag is the jingle – cute) especially the sour cream ones. I would make my own avocado dip and eat those while watching the English Premier League football on the telly.

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