Whiskey….Expensive Whiskey

The other day I was going to buy a cheap bottle of whiskey at the liquor store, but the wife said not to. The Father in-law has tons of whiskey so she said to ask him. So she asked for a cheap bottle of whiskey, and he returned with this.

suntory whiskey 1

A over 5000 yen bottle of Suntory Royal 15 year aged whiskey. You know it’s expensive when it comes in a shiny golden box, and has medallion tied on to it.

suntory whiskey 2

I just wonder, if this is what he thinks is cheap, what is an expensive bottle?



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25 responses to “Whiskey….Expensive Whiskey

  1. Ku Ri Su

    One of my co-workers has instructed me to pick him up a bottle of that stuff. He really like the Suntory Whiskey. You’re lucky that over there there isn’t any liquor tax or that bottle would be over $100.

    Like you I have a taste for the cheap stuff.

  2. Not a big fan of whiskey but curious to know how it taste like. Do you prefer on the rock or mix with coke and lemon? My husband’s favorite whiskey is Bowmore. Liquor here is very expensive.

  3. keith

    Dude, that’s only like $60CAD, that’s not much for a bottle of whiskey, if you want some good stuff,i.e. something nice and smooth you should be looking at the $150-250 range, try Ben Riach 20 Single Malt, I just picked up a bottle of that and it’s crazy good also the Macallan 18 fine oak is quite good as well.

  4. Ku Ri Su

    Yeah, keep in mind, that 5000 yen does equal $50-60 Canadian. But then add on the liquor tax and that bottle of booze is now $100.

  5. >asked for a cheap bottle of whiskey, and he returned with this.

    It’s Japanese style. Even if ask for just a cheap one, most Japanese would still give you one of the best they have.

  6. slt je veut cette bouteille svp

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