New Chips

Here’s a couple new flavors from chip maker Calbee. The first is “Black Curry”. The taste was only slightly different from the normal curry flavor that they have. It wasn’t bad though.

black curry chips

The second flavor is “Chili Shrimp”. It doesn’t so much taste like shrimp but more like the chili sauce of the dish. It was quite good. I have to admit, I’m biased. I really love the dish chili shrimp.

chili shrimp chips



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4 responses to “New Chips

  1. Mad about chips! Mad about curry! Mad about Shrimps! Are the quantity substantial for that bag size? Extra crunchy?

    • The portion sizes are all really small in Japan. These ones were just normal chips, not the extra crunchy kind. I’m also crazy about chips!

  2. If Japan is not so strict with food, I’d send you some chips for you to sample from here 😀 but I know they are pretty strict there. Well at least I managed to send some local tea to my friend in Nagano which she received a-ok. I was told curry powder was a No-No

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