Inoki Special Curry

I got this the other day at Village Vanguard. It’s “Antonio Inoki Special Curry”! I just couldn’t resist buying it. Previously I wrote about Inoki’s restaurant and his extreme slapping power. Now he’s doing curry.

Inoki curry 1

The curry itself was pretty standard tasting, and it only had a measly two pieces of beef in it. The box did contain a special trading card though, portraying Inoki screaming.

Inoki curry 2

Unfortunately, Inoki’s curry is not that special.



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3 responses to “Inoki Special Curry

  1. Have you been to the restaurant already? I dont think I would want to get the Inoki slap and coming back with red hand printed on my cheeks πŸ˜€ As an appreciator of curry I like the taste / flavour up to my expectations and most importantly the serving itself too πŸ˜€ 2 pieces of beef would only make me feel ripped off. Over here in a can there are curries made by a local company called Yeos. I’ve been (well up till after my surgery :-D) eating their canned food since I was a wee little girl, took it with me for my scout camping trips and so forth. My favorite has to be their Beef Curry. It is absolutely SPICY!! Love it! Serving (according to can size) are quite enough for 1 or 2 people to have. I can have it with my chapati or my rice. Im not a big fan of their chicken curry though cos its full of bones. Oh and I do love my Egg Jam (Kaya)

    Here’s the website :- – go to Canned food – Meat

  2. Looks interesting, I wouldn’t like the chicken either. I hate it when there’s bones.

    • It sure is, my husband sweat buckets when he had it nevertheless he loved it. I tried many ways to make the curry less spicy but no can do. At least I am proud to watch my English husband take on that spicy beef curry although I know over back in England they do love their curries too but nothing can beat what he had.

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