Pringles Napoletan

Here’s the latest flavor from Pringles. It’s Neapolitan spaghetti flavor. It’s actually kind of close to ketchup flavor, which makes sense since Japanese people seem to love putting ketchup in their pasta sauce. It wasn’t bad however.

pringles napoletan



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10 responses to “Pringles Napoletan

  1. It says 「喫茶店プリングルズ なつかしい洋食の味 喫茶店のナポリタン」 (“Coffee shop Pringles / Nostalgic Western-food taste / Coffee shop Neapolitan“).

    Do you like Japanese Neapolitan style spaghetti?

    • It’s not bad. I just wish they would use real tomato sauce some times. I find it interesting that in Japan when they say “pasta”, they actually just mean spaghetti.

      • I have seen the term pasta used for other types, as well.

        • I’ve found that when you go to a pasta restaurant they just have spaghetti with different sauces. Sometimes the grocery store has some different types, but a trip to the import store is where I find the more interesting stuff.

  2. Aah Mr Pringles .. miss eating those! Ketchup in pasta sauce? That definitely defeats the true taste of a pasta sauce.

  3. I love supaghetti with ketchup! and fried rice with ketchup,too!
    Ketchup. ketchup. ketchup! 😀
    BTW, what’s the difference between pasta and supaghetti??

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