Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Here’s what we made for dinner today using the book I bought recently. It was a lot of fun using all of the different spices and making it from scratch. When we were cooking it the smell was amazing. It was really nice and spicy. Doesn’t it look delicious!

srilanka chicken curry



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9 responses to “Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

  1. It looks absolutely salivatingly (if there is such a word hehe) DELICIOUS!! Again I can only touch all these spicy food after maybe 3 months to be on the safe side *sobs sobs*

    • I don’t think I could live without spicy food. I’m addicted.

      • Me too! Alas, as per Doctor’s order – no spicy food, no fatty food, no fried food and no meat and even seafood *quadruple sobs* So i guess looking at your curry cooking will at least curb my craving for now.

        • Maybe a nice mild Korma might be good.

          • 😦 still cant. Its a no no for Gallbladder removal patient. Kurma requires quite a bit of coconut milk to make it creamy or milk. It was such a pain to cook it for my lucky other half last week and watch him eat it with glee *triple sigh* I have got to ask my Dr when can I have my curry again ^_^

  2. mere

    that looks good..i jus wanna eat it! yummy! im cooking curry tonight, can’t wait to smell that curry powder saute with the onions..yummy!

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