Kamui Gaiden

As everyone knows, I love ninja. I’m crazy about ninja! Well thanks to Naoko and her very cute post about the Koga Ninja village, I learned about a new movie based on the old manga “Kamui Gaiden”. Kamui was the first manga I ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart. Of course the story is all about ninjas. Kamui is a rogue ninja trying to escape from his clan and achieve freedom. He is pursued relentlessly. What the trailer below, and enjoy some ninja action.



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10 responses to “Kamui Gaiden

  1. That’s pretty cool. They let kids throw ninja stars.

  2. snaptogrid

    I think this ninja is cooler:

  3. yea, Naoko’s blog about the Ninja village very cute and interesting, I hope that they’ll maintain it though someday. I find the Ninja word very interesting as do the Samurai world.

  4. Woah, this film looks awesome, thanks for posting the trailer, I notice Matsuyama Kenichi is in it, he’s one of my favourite actors 🙂 Have you seen Azumi? I really liked the first movie but I was disappointed with the sequel.

    • I love the manga too. It’s one of my personal favorites. I’m reserving judgment on the movie until I have the chance to see it. Have you seen it yet?

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